Dr. Zac Can Help Your Community Organizations Provide What The People Need

Schools are central to community; approximately 26% of the world’s population are under 15 years of age. Community organizations, faith-based organizations, youth auxiliaries, and youth sports play a vital role in keeping children safe and ensuring they grow up with values and habits that will catapult them to success. Community organizations thrive when they have efficient processes that lead to desirable outcomes. However, often these factors are less than ideal. Some of the challenges that organizations face are universal. Underperformance, budget woes, personnel, and culture. Here at Schools that Move Souls, Dr. Zac Robbins and his team understand the administrative and human challenges that can derail your organization’s mission. It is difficult to focus on your organizational purpose when you are struggling to develop business plans, manage projects, market your good work, and keep your organizational culture healthy and productive.


Dr. Zac Robbins and his team pioneered an innovative approach to Restorative Justice in schools that has seen dramatic turnarounds in challenging schools. The program has resulted in reduced suspensions and expulsions, and also improved graduation rates. This is great news for the students, and their local communities are benefitting as well. When students are ejected from school, “parents often have to take time off work, and when they can’t, kids are left at home alone. Those students that get into trouble find their way into the court system so often that there is a term for it, the school to prison pipeline. [Dr. Zac’s Restorative Justice Program] seems to have broken it. The number of suspensions and expulsions have dropped significantly. Kids do not return to this program once they succeed, it’s a program that is designed by faculty, built by students that is dramatically changing the culture…” (As reported by 8newsnow – Vegas Lost)

What can the Schools that Move Souls team do for you?

Do you need this kind of culture change in your organization? Restorative Justice is not just for schools. The simple but effective techniques are applicable anywhere that harm is occurring among a group of people. The Schools that Move Souls team customizes their delivery for each recipient, so you can receive the training that is right for your group. Sign up today for one of Dr. Zac’s courses to ensure your community organization gets the training they need to enhance learning, health, and wellness for the community’s children and families. Dr. Robbins will train you and your colleagues through live, online meetings and through self-directed, independent learning activities. From the comfort of your home, office, or organization site, Dr. Robbins will show you and your team how to create an organizational culture that is responsive to the needs of employees and to the families your organization serves. Let us teach you the secrets the best community organizations are using to connect, correct, and restore. Contact Dr. Zac Robbins today.



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